How we work

From idea to finished piece

Creating artistic stained glass is a fascinating process

(the supervision of Paola Caterina Grua is ensured and guaranteed in every processing phase so that the client’s original idea is translated into a magnificent work of glass art)

The client’s tastes and ideas play a crucial role at the beginning of the design process. The first step in producing an artistic glass window is the sketch: it must enable the client to visualise the final piece.

A selection of different sketches and colour solutions are produced that will allow the client find the one he/she likes most.

The subject and artistic effects chosen by the client determine the techniques and materials used, and thus form an integral part of the project.
The stained glass window can be a glass mosaic composed entirely or partially of specially painted and fired glass pieces.
The sketch is turned into a life-sized preparatory drawing made up of lines that will be used to created templates.

The templates are used when cutting the glass shapes. Each piece will have its own colour and if necessary be painted.

The glass mosaic is then assembled on a work surface inside the lead came. The lead came is then soldered and grouted to hold the pieces together firmly.

The final stained glass design can if required be fitted into a metal frame or placed between protective glass walls.

Delivery and assembly by our skilled workers completes the work.